What to expect

The workshop is a fun and engaging session, not a lecture. It’s a chance to hear ABOUT disability from people WITH disability.

There are huge benefits in being able to talk confidently with people with disability. Attendees will walk away with practical tools they can put into action.

When it comes to inclusion and accessibility, commitment pays dividends. The workshop is a supportive way to learn how we can all play a part.

The workshop will welcome anyone new to disability.

The workshop will satisfy healthy curiosity.

After a half-day workshop you’ll feel confident interacting with people with disability. You will be a better ally.

You won’t be put on the spot or embarrassed.

The workshop will give you a sense of connection to your community.

Through participating in a workshop you will get past the stereotypes. You’ll meet real people with real stories.

Participating in a workshop will give you an edge. You’ll no longer have a feeling of ‘not being in the know’ about a specific community group.

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