What People Are Saying

Here’s what people say about our workshop

Brilliant training
This should
be compulsory
for all workplaces!.

I loved all of today
I enjoyed how open
and conversational

the session was.

Hearing from people
with disability directly
was the highlight – it
was a really fun,
and interesting

It was all really good.
I found the structure of
this workshop created
a very relaxed
and responsive

I’ve been to a lot of
courses in my time.
This has been THE BEST.
Warm, enjoyable
and a good pace.

The team of presenters
were absolutely awesome!
The session was
constructive and gave
me really practical tips
to make me less
nervous about disability.

The sense of humour
that was brought to the
workshop makes you
feel more at ease
discussing disability.

I relished the opportunity
to ask questions of the
presenters. It's important
to talk with people who
have disabilities instead of
about people with disabilities.

The professionalism of
the presenters. Their easy
rapport with the audience.
Extremely interesting and
Thoroughly enjoyed
the presentation.

The presenters were excellent
in their knowledge. All
practical activities gave
a good understanding which
was very relevant.

I love hearing the presenters
give their personal insights
into how they live their lives.
The interactive moments
were great also.

Great information and
knowledge was take away
from the workshop.

The team were
absolutely awesome.
Constructive, engaging
and made me smile.

Absolutely awesome!

Fantastic workshop!
This should be compulsory for every workplace!

All the speakers were
great and really informative.
Great to hear their
personal stories.

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